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EGR Cooler Cleaner Near You

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30 Minute DPF Clean

Are you facing performance issues regarding your vehicle? If that’s the case, it might be due to various components including the Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR). One element of this system involves the EGR cooler, which role is to manage the engine emissions and optimize overall fuel consumption. Here at 30 Minute DPF Clean, we offer EGR cooler cleaning services to help you bring your vehicle back to its fullest potential. Our remanufacturing procedure resembles Detroit’s, but with significantly reduced waiting times. Visit us today to initiate your order and restore your vehicle’s performance without the need for a EGR cooler filter replacement. By understanding the importance of maintaining the EGR cooler, you can ensure smooth operation of the engine and minimize harmful emissions.

Before EGR Cleaning

This is what your EGR looks like before it is cleaned. Dealers will tell you to get it replaced most of the time.

Before EGR cleaning

After EGR Cleaning

This is what your EGR filter will look like after cleaning. Your EGR will be ready to be used again and save money avoiding a replacement.

after egr cleaning

EGR Cooler Cleaner Done the Right Way

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The EGR cooler serves the purpose of lowering the temperature of the exhaust gas that is recirculated back into the engine. By cooling the exhaust gas, the EGR cooler prevents the engine from experiencing excessive heat levels, ultimately aiding in the reduction of harmful emissions. This component is essential for maintaining the engine’s optimal performance and ensuring compliance with emission standards.

Importance of Regular EGR Cooler Maintenance

Proper maintenance of the EGR cooler is crucial for preserving the overall health of the vehicle’s engine. Neglecting the regular cleaning and upkeep of the EGR cooler can lead to a host of issues, including decreased engine efficiency, increased fuel consumption, and potential damage to other engine components. Maintaining a clean and functional EGR cooler is key to ensuring the vehicle operates at its best capacity while minimizing environmental impact.

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Our Signature EGR Cooler Cleaning Approach

At 30 Minute DPF Clean, we employ thorough, rapid, and enduring techniques. Conventional EGR baking methods typically consume an entire workday or more, while alternative approaches often fail to address all the critical areas that our hydraulic machines target. Our employment of hydraulic DPF cleaning machines eliminates any uncertainty associated with properly cleaning your EGR cooler. Not only does our process complete the task in under an hour, but it also incorporates post-cleaning air filtration and functionality tests, ensuring comprehensive success. We eagerly anticipate providing you EGR Cooler cleaning services that are both effective and cost-efficient.

EGR Cooler Cleaning Services

We specialize in efficient and thorough EGR cooler cleaning, ensuring exceptional results with every service. Don’t allow your dealer to persuade you into purchasing an expensive new EGR cooler prematurely. Our advanced cleaning procedure can restore nearly all clogged EGR cooler. Not only will our 30-minute DPF cleaning process save you money, but it will also get you back on the road swiftly.

How 30 Min DPF Clean Started

Our journey began with truckload freight and has since grown to encompass our dedicated maintenance hub. We possess the insights necessary to ensure the optimal functioning of these diesel engines without incurring excessive costs. Our team of seasoned professionals specializes in EGR cooler cleaning services, drawing from their extensive expertise.  As a result, we boast a comprehensive understanding of EGR cooler cleaning procedures.

Cleaning is Cheaper Than Replacing

It should be noted, some dealers with older machines may not be able to unclog oil/coolant cemented filters. Therefore, they will try to sell you a new one. However, here at 30 Min DPF Clean, our advanced hydraulic restoration methods can help save even the most clogged and dirty filters. Thus, saving you big time and money over the cost of repairs.

Contact Us for Your EGR Cooler Cleaning Needs

We understand between the decision to choose replacing EGR Cooler & putting food on table, and having enough left for fuel to make the next run. The best time to clean your DPF is when there are upticks in your regenerations right before the lights turn on. No more “how to clean EGR cooler”. Take the guess work out and come in with your EGR cooler today. Feel free to reach us, if you need to service your DPF filters.

 We will clean your DPF | SCR | DOC | EGR | or Catalytic Converter, please call us for a quote. Our contact information is below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I clean my vehicle’s EGR cooler?

The cleaning frequency for your vehicle’s EGR cooler can vary depending on usage and driving conditions. However, it is generally recommended to inspect and clean the EGR cooler every 20,000 to 30,000 miles to ensure optimal performance.

Can I use regular cleaning products for my EGR cooler?

It is not advisable to use regular cleaning products for your EGR cooler, as they may not effectively remove the carbon deposits and contaminants specific to the EGR system. Opt for specialized EGR cooler cleaning products that are compatible with your vehicle’s make and model.

What are the consequences of ignoring EGR cooler maintenance?

Ignoring EGR cooler maintenance can lead to a range of issues, including reduced engine efficiency, increased fuel consumption, engine overheating, and potential damage to other vital engine components. Neglected maintenance can result in costly repairs and replacements, impacting both your vehicle’s performance and your wallet.

Are DIY cleaning methods effective for EGR coolers?

DIY cleaning methods can be effective for maintaining your EGR cooler, provided you have a good understanding of the process and use the appropriate cleaning products and techniques. However, we recommend going to a local DPF shop to ensure the process is done properly to avoid any accidental damage to the EGR cooler or other engine components.

Is it necessary to clean the EGR cooler if my vehicle is running smoothly?

Yes, even if your vehicle is running smoothly, regular cleaning and maintenance of the EGR cooler are essential to prevent future issues and ensure the longevity of your vehicle’s engine. By adhering to a regular maintenance schedule, you can proactively avoid potential complications and extend the overall lifespan of your vehicle.


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