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Same Day Return For Mailed in Filters | Long RAM & Ford DPF Filters Cleaned | No Cutting Needed

6-Month Clean Guarantee on all Filters | Our Remanufacturing Process is Similar to Detroit’s but Without the Long Wait| Dealer Level Diagnostics

Best Time for DPF Cleaning: When you notice an uptick in regenerations, right before dashboard lights turn on.


DEF, Oil & Coolant Soaked Filter Restoration Available | Restore Fuel Economy by 1-3 MPG & HP/Torque Like New

DPF Filter Cleaning and Drying Time:

Car Standard DPF Cleaner Cycle: 30 Min Clean | 30 Min Optional Dry

Utility truck filters: 2 hours | Tractor filters: 2 hours | Restoration filters determined on inspection

Does not include removal time

Recycled by Lorco Petroleum Services

Supported DPF’s


We are able to clean DPF’s with same day turn around


Learn why constant DPF regenerations are just a temporary fix and how DPFs get full over time.

Why Choose 30 Minute DPF Clean?

DPF cleaning in New Jersey, New York, Philadelphia, Delaware, Maryland has never been easier, faster, and more convenient. 30 Min DPF Clean specializes in Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC), and Catalytic Converter cleaning using state-of-the-art technology.  Our top-notch DPF Cleaning removes ash, soot, and other byproducts, ensuring optimal performance for diesel engines. Experience exceptional DPF Cleaning at competitive prices with the best DPF Cleaner.

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Our DPF cleaning process removes 98% of soot and particulate matter in as fast as 30 minutes. We welcome walk-ins, so don’t hesitate to stop by for a quick DPF cleaning while you wait. Let us know you’re coming, and we can usually start the DPF cleaning process as soon as you walk through the door. We operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

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We utilize state-of-the-art DPF cleaning methods for DPFs and other diesel filters and components. Our large-bay DPF cleaning machines can accommodate all sizes of diesel filters and include filter testing and certified airflow rates.

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Not only do we accept walk-ins, but we also offer pick-up and delivery options for all DPF filter cleaning and other diesel cleaning services. We are conveniently located in New Jersey, just 20 minutes south of Philadelphia. Our address is 179 Cohawkin Road, Clarksboro, NJ 08020.

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Our hydraulic cleaning process outperforms other types of DPF cleaning methods that pose a higher risk of cracking the filter or require a slow 12-hour filter baking process. We get our customers in and out the door with a clean DPF filter and diesel filter cleaning, blazing fast.

How To Properly Use A Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaner

Proper Maintenance

Cleaning your Diesel Particulate Filter should be part of your regular maintenance plan. By waiting too long between cleanings, the DPF cleaning process may take longer than usual. Even when idle for extended periods, the particulate filter in diesel engines continues to accumulate pollutants. This running time should be considered when determining the optimal maintenance schedule.


Our DPF cleaning services cater to a wide range of diesel engines, from generators to large trucks.



Our hydraulic DPF cleaning process breaks down deposits better than traditional air knife cleaning, allowing the particulate filter to function at its best.


We are happy to explain how our DPF cleaning process works and how often you need to clean your DPF filter.


 Next time you need a DPF cleaning service near you, stop by our shop and find out why we’re the best choice for your DPF cleaning needs!

Brands That We Service

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State of the Art Machinery

Our cleaning machines feature electronic test equipment and sensors to ensure all filters are cleaned properly. They feature automated filter testing and certified airflow rates. Our large bays can accommodate all types of DPR filters, SCR and DOC filters, Detroit 1 BOX, and extra-long pickup truck filters.


A large machine for dpf filter cleaning services.
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What Our Customers Have Said

I was told to buy a new filter when I went to the dealership but when I brought them to 30 minute dpf clean, they saved my filter and saved me almost 2 thousand dollars. My vehicle is working great again. Thank you ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

— Herman C

They help us provide a great service to our diesel customers and save them thousands of dollars vs replacing the DPF. Turn around is quick and staff is very knowledgeable about the services they provide. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

— ST

Was in a pinch and needed my filters cleaned. There's was no availability at the ford dealership and the price was too high. I went to this Clarksboro location the tech here got me in and out in 35 minutes when I took my filter to them. My F650 is back up and running! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

— DA

Our customers are Dealerships, Independent shops & Mechanics. Walk-Ins are welcomed. To make the process as quick as possible please give us a shout when on the way.

If you’re on a schedule, we will prioritize your order to get you in and out as fast as humanly possible. Please call or text (856) 440-3338 for prices on filters Denied or Extremely dirty filter restoration prices are determined on visual inspections. Best Pricing in the Industry

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Clean Filters?

We Clean Oil-Soaked and Coolant-Soaked Filters

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Replacement Filters?

Has a dealer tried to convince you to buy a new filter? Try us first.

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Clogged Filters?

We can salvage most clogged filters denied by dealerships with our advanced methods.

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Shipping to us is easy; look below for more information

Need Something Else Cleaned?

We can also clean components such as EGR coolers & pipes and intercoolers & radiators.

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DPF Cleaning Done Properly

We test all diesel particulate filters before and after the cleaning process to ensure the filter is properly cleaned.

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Pickup & Delivery Service

We offer pickup & delivery services within 30 miles to keep your busy schedule free and minimize downtime. For further locations, please call us.


  1. Call us for new customers
  2. Use a filter tote or filter brace to reduce the chances of shipping damages
  3. Fill out a quick intake form with your contact information
    Mail to 179 W Cohawkin Rd Clarksboro NJ 08020
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