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If you were searching in google for a “DPF and catalytic converting cleaning service near me”, you have come to the right company. Here at 30minutedpfclean.com, we are the premiere DPF/DOC filter cleaning company and our diesel specialists will get your vehicle or equipment running, check us out on mobile devices. Bring your diesel particulate filters (DPF) to us today for service. We have the best filter cleaning equipment in town. If your DPF/EGR filter/valve is showing blocked symptoms, then a cleaning is needed. Your diesel particulate filter (DPF), DEF system, dirty EGR valve, and diesel exhaust filters can be cleaned rather than finding a new replacement.


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DPF Filters Cleaned

A large machine for diesel particulate filter cleaning service.

 Regularly Clean Your Diesel Particulate Filter

Catalytic converter unblock/unclog and cleaning services are also provided. The cost to clean a catalytic converter may vary. Diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning services prices vary so give us a call for a quote.

Get your vehicle running better then ever. Our hydraulic cleaning breaks down deposits better than traditional air knife cleaning, and no risk of cracking filters compared to high frequency cleaning. The DEF/DPF cleaner additive that we use in house is custom designed for all ranges of DPF and DOC filters.

We Are a Diesel Service Center in Clarksboro, NJ

Located just off of highway 295 in Clarksboro, New Jersey. We’re about 20 minutes south of Philadelphia.

Proper Maintenance

If you are the owner of a Diesel truck or car, or other machine, and need information on how to properly maintain your DPF filter, we are here to help.  Feel free to visit our blog or give us a call and one of our techs will guide you through the fundamentals.

Diesel particulate filters come in all different shapes and sizes. They also have different required intervals between cleanings. In most cases, an indicator light will appear on your dashboard letting you know it’s time to clean your DPF, or you can have it cleaned on a regular schedule as part of a diesel engine maintenance program.


The frequency in which your DPF cleaning needs to happen depends on factors such as mileage, driving conditions, and even the speed in which the diesel vehicle is driven – idling a diesel car or truck can have an adverse effect on soot and ash buildup. It is important to have your DPF cleaning be done properly as an incorrect cleaning method will require more recleaning sooner.

dpf filter cleaning

Traditional DPF cleaning can involve applying 1000+ degrees of heat and or air pressure, especially to an older DPF. Diesel particulate filters are generally expensive, so it is imperative they are cleaned and maintained properly for a long lifespan.  In fact, a full replacement of a diesel particulate filter system (DPF) can be more than the value of the entire vehicle in some cases. Waiting too long between cleaning can cause additional stress on a DPF and make it more prone to hardened clogging. You can eliminate this unnecessary risk by having your DPF cleaned regularly and with a efficient cleaning process. We will show you how to maintain a clean DEF filter.

What is a Diesel Particulate Filter?

Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF)

A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is a filter that captures and stores exhaust soot (sometimes called soot traps) in order to reduce the amount of emissions your diesel truck or car puts out. 

They work by forcing exhaust to flow through small cells that create a sponge-like surface that traps particulates. Soot and ash stick to the walls of these surfaces instead of continuing out through the exhaust and into the atmosphere. 

Over time, the inside of the DPF builds layer upon layer of soot and ash. Therefore, reduces the amount of space between the cell walls, causing diesel engines to work harder, loose mpg and power in order to force exhaust through the small space.

Soot and Regenerations

Since they only have a finite capacity, the soot that gets trapped in the filter must be burned-off through a process called regeneration. But regeneration is not efficient and after a few regen cycles the effectiveness of regeneration degrades.

It is similar to how phone batteries don’t work as well the more they age. In our case DPF filters don’t regenerate as well the more they age. Eventually they start requiring more and more regeneration to keep up and eventually a Fault light.

This decline of regenerations effectiveness is much worse in heavy duty diesel machines with higher stress loads and working hours.

30 Minute DPF Clean

The best time to manually get a DPF cleaned is when you notice an uptick in regenerations. This is usually the precursor to you hanging out somewhere on the road waiting for a tow.

This is where you find a DPF cleaning company. Our cleaning process features a multitude of technologies like electronic flow test equipment, intake and outtake weights to ensure all filters are cleaned properly. Our process removes the excess soot deposited in the filter, restoring your Diesel engine’s power after each cleaning.

A clean and clogged DPF

DPF Filter Cleaning

A clogged DPF will have adverse effects on how efficiently a diesel engine runs. Because a DPF traps and stores particulates, it will eventually become clogged and need to go through a cleaning process.

At 30 Minute DPF Clean, we use an advanced hydraulic DPF cleaning process instead of the traditional baking process that can take 12 hours. We are able to thoroughly clean a DPF in as little as 30 minutes. Walk-ins are welcome; you can wait while we clean your Diesel filter. A DPF/DOC filter cleaning company is needed for proper care of your vehicle. Looking for truck DPF filter cleaning cost? Please call or text us at (856) 440-3338 for a quote.

Why DPF Cleaning is Important?

Proper maintenance of your truck’s diesel particulate filter is essential to having healthy engine operation. Don’t skip this important maintenance or you’ll end up paying more in poor mileage and an overall under-performing engine. At 30 Minute DPF Clean use state-of-the-art hydraulic machinery to clean particulate filters that include automated filter testing and certified air flow rates. We can also use our advanced particulate cleaning for DOC, SCR, EGR valve, and catalytic converters for an unbeatable price. Our EGR valve, DPF/DOC filter cleaning is both fast and affordable.

 Don’t let your dealer tell you it’s time to buy an expensive new DPF. Our way is to be able to salvage almost all clogged DPF filters and catalytic converter using the best cleaning process.  Not only will our 30-minute DPF cleaning process save you money, but put you back on the road faster.

Services include EGR cleaning kit, regen system on trucks, engine regeneration, diesel particulate filter (DPF), regenerator cleaner at a cheap cost. Catalytic converter unblock and cleaning services.

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