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ford 6.7 diesel particulate filter cleaning


Ford DPF Cleaning Services – 30 Min DPF Clean

If you’re looking for a Kuga DPF filter, F250 diesel exhaust, 6.4 diesel particulate filter cleaning, then your in the right place. Here at 30 min, we offer services like Ford DPF cleaning for ford and similar vehicles in the industry. Stop by today to begin your order and bring your machine up to spec.


While Ford makes fantastic products, adhering to a consistent maintenance schedule is the right long-term choice to keep your truck in operable condition. We specialize in fast, thorough cleaning of Ford DPFs in Greater New Jersey and know how to get superior results every time. Are you experiencing a F250 exhaust filter cleaning message? Check out details below on our particular approach and why our Ford DPF cleaning services are reliable.

If you need a highly optimized diesel engine for frequent heavy-duty work of any kind, vehicles with Ford engines are the place to be. Building their reputation in part due to their prominent big-bore engine designs, this global conglomerate provides solutions for truck drivers in a variety of scenarios. Lastly, Ford X15 Series engines are known for high-quality fuel efficiency, torque, and engine brakes, making them a prominent choice in today’s heavy-duty working economy.

Why Your Vehicle Depends on DPF Cleaning

It’s crucial to get your DPF cleaned periodically because a dirty DPF impedes the effectiveness of your vehicle.

Our Signature DPF Cleaning Approach

At 30 Minute DPF Clean, we implement methods that are comprehensive, quick, and long-lasting. Baking DPFs often takes an entire working day or longer. And other approaches simply don’t cover all the areas that our hydraulic machines do.
We use hydraulic DPF cleaning machines that take all the mystery out of properly cleaning your DPF. Not only does it finish the job in less than an hour, but our process includes post-cleaning air filtration and functionality tests to verify top-to-bottom success. Drop-in at our New Jersey-based workshop or mail your DPF to us today. We look forward to cleaning your Ford Kuga DPF filter!

We specialize in fast, thorough cleaning of Ford Kuga DPF filters, 6.4 diesel particulate filter cleaning, F250 diesel exhaust cleaning in Greater New Jersey and know how to get superior results every time. Don’t let your dealer tell you it’s time to buy an expensive new DPF. Furthermore, we can salvage almost all clogged DPF filters using our advanced cleaning process.

Ford 6.7 DPF filter replacement

ford diesel particulate filter cleaning

We started with truckload freight and expanded with our own maintenance hub. We understand what it takes to keep these diesel engines running efficiently without breaking the bank. Services provided by experts with experience in Ford diesel exhaust filter cleaning & Ford 6.7 diesel cleaning exhaust filter. 30 Min DPF Clean have worked on Ford Ranger EGR valve cleaning and Ford Transit exhaust filter cleaning since the day they introduced DOC/DPF combos into new models. Therefore, we are very familiar with Ford Transit DPF filter cleaning or F350 exhaust filter cleaning.

It should be noted, some dealers with older machines may not be able to unclog oil/coolant cemented filters. Therefore, they will try to sell you a new one. However, here at 30 Min DPF Clean, our advanced hydraulic restoration methods can help save even the most clogged and dirty filters. Thus, saving you big time and money over the cost of repairs. Services such as Ford F350 exhaust filter cleaning & exhaust filter cleaning Ford Transit custom are available.

Undoubtedly, we understand between the decision to choose replacing DPF filter & putting food on table, and having enough left for fuel to make the next run. Meanwhile, the best time to clean your DPF is when there are upticks in your regenerations right before the lights turn on. No more “how to clean exhaust filter Ford F350” or “how to clean DPF filter Ford Focus”. Take the guess work out and come in with your Ford DPF/EGR today. Finally, feel free to reach us, if you need to service your DPF filters.

Our DPF filter cleaning company will clean your DPF | SCR | DOC | EGR | or Catalytic Converter, please call us for a quote. Our contact information is below!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is it important to clean your Ford DPF filter?
: It is important to clean your Ford DPF filter because a dirty DPF can result in your engine to lose power and perform poorly. By cleaning the filter, it will allow your engine to run smoothly and restore its efficiency.

Q: How often should I clean my Ford DPF filter?
: A Ford DPF filter is recommended to be cleaned every 6-8 months depending on how it idles. Cleaning your DPF filter regularly can help extend its lifespan and avoid costly replacements.

Q: What can happen if I do not clean my Ford DPF filter?
: By having a clogged Ford DPF filter, can cause your engine to perform harder than expected and result in higher fuel consumption and lower power.