Paccar Gaskets

30 Minute DPF Clean Paccar gaskets for Exhaust and Aftertreatment Systems. We provide replacement Paccar gaskets that meet OEM specifications. Gaskets are available DPFs, DOCs, and exhaust systems for a range of heavy-duty and medium-duty diesel vehicles.

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  • cummins dpf gaskets

    Gasket for Cummins ISB and Paccar PX6 DPFs and DOCs – 2871451

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  • cummins dpf gasket 2871452

    Gasket for Cummins ISC / ISL and Paccar PX8 DPFs and DOCs – 2871452

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  • cummins clamp 2871453

    Gasket for Cummins, Navistar, Volvo/Mack, and Paccar DPFs and DOCs – 2871453

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  • cummins paccar navistar dpf doc gasket - 5417859

    Gasket for Cummins, Paccar, and Navistar DPFs, DOCs, and Aftertreatment – 5417859

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  • cummins doc gasket - 2866337

    Gasket for Cummins/Paccar DOCs – 2866337

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  • cummins doc gasket - 2880214

    Gasket for Cummins/Paccar DOCs – 2880214

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  • cummins doc gasket - 2880215

    Gasket for Cummins/Paccar DOCs – 2880215

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