A diesel particulate filter, or DPF for short, is a filter that aids in minimizing the number of hazardous particles that may be emitted from the diesel exhaust of your truck. The filter is intended to capture any unburned particles, preventing the air from being contaminated and your car from suffering any injury. To make sure this filter is functioning effectively, it is advised that you routinely check and clean it. However, many individuals might not be aware of the best approach to cleaning a diesel particulate filter. Here is an in-depth guide on DPF filter cleaning!

Take Out the Filter

It’s possible that you will have to take out the filter from your car if you need or want to clean the entire DPF. The first step will involve removing any surrounding plates and grills, but this may differ from truck to truck. Any o-rings, screws, nuts, or bolts should be set aside so you can be sure you won’t lose them, such as a truck toolbox.

Test the Filter

The DPF must be completely removed from the car and given a brief check before being put to the test. This will allow you to assess the filter’s obstruction, clogging, and any damage. If you observe little to no white or chrome on the filter’s surface and if the debris blockage is severe, you’ll then be able to know if and how to clean a blocked DPF filter.

Clean With Compressed Air First

Using high-pressure, compressed air is a fairly popular approach to start cleaning a DPF. The easiest way to do this is with a high-pressure cleaning cabinet, which pushes ash through any obstruction out of the way by backflushing compressed air into the filter. When utilizing compressed air, there are vital safety measures you must follow.

  • Weigh your DPF if necessary to get its “pre-cleaning weight.”
  • Place the DPF inside the blast cabinet with care, then firmly shut the door.
  • Turn the device on to start putting high-pressure air into the DPF. Additionally, suction must be used at the DPF’s base to aid in clearing out any ash or particles.

Rinse DPF Filter Off

After effectively cleaning the DPF’s surface, rinse the filter with fresh water. But if you’re wondering how you use water to clean a DPF filter, it is advised to use a faucet or hose that has a high-pressure nozzle and narrow stream of water to completely clean the DPF. If you observe a stream of murky water coming out of the filter, angle the water so that it shoots out of both ends. Rinse your DPF until this water is clean.

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