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Give your friends $25 off their first order, and we’ll give you $25 off your next order for referring them!

Provide a Invoice # for a valid referral discount. Only valid once per Invoice.

  [contact-form-7 id=”14317″ title=”Referral Form”] Terms and Conditions:

  1. The referral discount is available only to customers who have previously made a purchase from our business.
  2. To qualify for the referral discount, the new customer must provide a receipt or invoice showing that from the previous customer that have purchased services from our business, and must provide the name of the previous customer who referred them.
  3. The referral discount is a one-time discount of $25, and cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotions.
  4. The referral discount is available only for the new customer’s first order.
  5. The previous customer who referred the new customer will also receive a discount of $25 on their next order.
  6. Only one referral discount can be redeemed per order.
  7. The wave invoice # that is being provided for a referral discount will only be valid once for a discount.
  8. Our business reserves the right to modify or terminate the referral discount program at any time.
  9. Our business reserves the right to deny the referral discount to any customer who violates these terms and conditions.
  10. The referral discount program is subject to all other terms and conditions of our business.