DPF Warning Light Switches On: What Now?

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DPF Warning Light Switches On: What Now?

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The soot, an unavoidable by-product of diesel combustion, is the main problem. Soot is a residue of burnt fuel. So if you’re looking for a dpf filter cleaning service near me look no further.


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Effect is only temporary

Contrary to the catalytic converter of gas cars, the diesel particulate filter(DPF) is only partly a substance converter. The DPF is what its name says: it filters the soot particles from the exhaust. But no matter how large the filter is, at a certain point it can no longer maintain its filtering performance. The DPF is self-cleaning.

The soot is incinerated to ash by an artificially boosted exhaust temperature, resulting in a reduction of the volume remaining in the filter. However, a certain amount of ash remains in the filter as a residue and eventually the diesel filter is filled up to capacity.

When the DPF warning light is illuminated, the self-cleaning program is at the end of its possibilities and the engine control signals an error, which is indicated by a control light in the dashboard.

This warning should not be ignored. When the DPF is completely clogged, there is a risk of serious engine damage. Before that happens, engine performance is obviously reduced and fuel consumption rises.

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Cleaning instead of buying a new filter

There are proven and certified methods of DPF cleaning, to make it as good as new. The possibilities are:

– cleaning by burning
– cleaning by rinsing

or a combination of both procedures.

In order to burn it clean, the de-installed DPF is put in a burning oven, where it is heated until all remaining ash is burned out of the filter. Subsequently, the filter is blown clean with pressurized air until all ash is completely removed.

Rinsing is in fact blowing the filter clean with a watery cleaning solution. With this procedure, the filter is pressurized from both sides as well, which is necessary for adequately cleaning the DPF from ash. Ash accumulate in closed channels. If the filter is cleaned in only one direction, the ash stays put, rendering the filter cleaning ineffective.
dpf filter cleaning service near me

DIY disassembly saves money

The removal of the DPF is not very difficult and you can save money by doing it yourself and sending it to a service provider. In the worst case a lambda or pressure sensor can break off. The service provider offers drilling and repairing the thread hole as additional service. This is always cheaper than buying a new particle filter. When removing the DPF you should thoroughly inspect the entire exhaust piping. The filter unit is by far the most expensive exhaust system component. dpf filter cleaning service near me With the car jacked up anyway, it is the proper occasion for replacing all rusty or defective exhaust components.

Re-using a lambda sensor is a question of philosophy. A repaired DPF does not require a new lambda or pressure sensor. In any case, replacing the part on this occasion does no harm and it will establish a new starting point for the entire unit.


Always look for the cause

Normally, a DPF lasts 95,000 miles depending on condition. Longer distances on the highway of more than an hour should regularly occur. When driving a diesel only on short distances only, the required engine and exhaust temperatures for DPF self-cleaning are rarely reached.

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If the DPF clogs sooner, the cause could be a serious engine defect. In this case, engine oil is penetrating into the combustion chamber and the particulate filter. Causes for this can be:

malfunctioning turbocharger
– defective cylinder head gasket
malfunctioning valve stem seal
– defective piston rings

There are procedures for investigating these defects. Before installing the cleaned or repaired DPF, the engine should be checked for this kind of damage. Otherwise the new component will clog soon and the engine damage could possibly get worse. Filter replacement would be in vain.

In Conclusion

Proper maintenance of your Diesel truck’s diesel particulate filter is essential to having a healthy rig. Don’t skip this important maintenance or you’ll end up paying more in poor mileage and an overall under performing truck. At 30 Minute DPF Clean we use advanced technology to clean our customer’s DPF, DOC, SCR, EGR, and Catalytic Converters for an unbeatable price. We can salvage most clogged filters denied by dealerships with our methods. Dealer Trying to Convince you to buy a new filter? Try us first. dpf filter cleaning service near me.